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The team at Agile Bridge is passionate about the work we do. We see ourselves as craftsmen as apposed to programmers or coders. We engage fully with our clients to ensure thorough understanding of their business needs. Allowing us to design and deliver solutions that not only answer to those needs, but also have business longevity built into the solution.

The philosophy we follow is inherent in our name Agile Bridge.

The Agile in the title has dual meaning. On the one hand it reflects our willingness to adapt when it comes to finding solutions to our clients needs.

On the other hand the way we operate derives from the fundamental principals of The Agile Manifesto:

  • Paying attention to individuals and interactions as apposed to processes and tools;
  • software that works over producing volumes of documentation;
  • collaboration with customers over extensive contract negotiation;
  • and quick responses to change over strict adherence to a single plan.

The Bridge in our name refers to the meeting place where we co-create business software solutions with our clients. (Furthermore the bridge refers to the software bridge pattern language).

As a metaphor we like the associations the bridge give us:

  • “The location, structure and design of a bridge are carefully considered. All the pillars, sub components of a bridge collaborate to give it its strength. Also plenty of collaborations need to occur to build a bridge. A bridge is there for life. It is committed to its purpose. It is committed to its endpoints”.
  • In software / systems talk the idea of a bridge is quite universal. On a high level a bridge is used to join different domains. On a lower level a bridge is used to decouple abstraction from implementation.
  • The name Agile Bridge represents both the philosophy and ethos of the company, as well as one of the physical processes inherent in our work (pattern languages).



In the fifteen years of operation Agile Bridge has done business with highly regarded medium and large enterprises delivering software solutions within the following business domains:

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The team is passionate about the work we do. We see ourselves as craftsmen as apposed to programmers or coders.

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The design and creation of anything new comes with a certain degree of risk. The same can be said of the creation of software systems.

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